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Corporate social responsibility
Corporate social responsibility

We at Next International B.V. are aware of the influence of our actions on the environment and we aim at preserving the natural environment for future generations. We want to achieve that by increasingly integrating sustainability into our company processes. That will create a collective business awareness, which enables us to set up constructive initiatives with our partners and clients aimed at sustainable use of manpower and raw materials.

As purchasers, suppliers as well as consultants, we at Next International B.V. are committed to acting in a sustainable and responsible manner together with our partners. To us, Corporate Social Responsibility is an integrated part of our business operations. Next International B.V.'s CSR policy addresses the three dimensions: People, Planet and Profit. Our aim is to balance social and environmental aspects with profit objectives.

Next International B.V. is committed to laws and regulations. Certified knowledge of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 26000 makes us a sparring partner for every business that sets great store by quality and responsibility.

Next International B.V. has contractual arrangements with all Asian partners with regard to labour and environment. Our partner in Asia, TrueNorth, has a Dutch management that supervises, and reports on, the circumstances and performance of the agreement under sound standards. All this with respect for the culture, laws and regulations in the country in question.

Next International B.V. observes sector-specific standards such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) as basis for all our thinking and acting with our partners. In this respect, we observe the knowledge and recommendations by the Dutch CSR organisation, MVO Nederland. Next International closely follows the developments within MVO Nederland and implements this knowledge in its own practices.

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