Next International B.V.
Next International B.V. is an enterprise set up by Jan Ploeg and Evert de Kruijf.

Ten years ago, we discovered the production potential in Asia. After much pioneering and with trial and error, we managed to build a unique network of small and large producers of semifinished and finished products in that part of the world.

For a long time, we have been planning to start an enterprise together at some point in the future. The financial crisis gave us the final push to realise those plans. Early 2009 we established Next International B.V., with TrueNorth as our Asian partner.

Economic fluctuations mean a threat to many enterprises and their employees. However, this exceptional situation also offers new opportunities and new prospects. We want to offer other businesses the possibility to benefit from our unique network, our knowledge, and our experience. That will open up new prospects for them too.
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